Bob Miller Trucking is proud to offer the following services.

 Chemical sales and pumping. 

B Trains / Super B Trains                                  Chemicals Available

Mobile Natural Gas Compressor           CS2       KCL      Methanol (Mixes)

Mini and Tandem and tractor/trailer Pressure Trucks        Calcium      Tree sap     Condensate

Sealed Pressure Bullets                        Glycols (Mixes)    Acids    D.M.D.S.

Truck and Pup Tanker Units                                 Inhibitors

Temporary Water Systems                                             

Non Potable Water     Potable water      24 hour dispatch!

Mobile Pressure Washing                         call     403 948 5516

Mobile Steam Unit

Flat Decks

Chemical Sales

Water trucks

Vac Truck now available!!!!



Flat Deck 1 Ton Two 2" inch pumps and Hydraulic lift

30 foot gooseneck (Hot shot available)


Temporary Water systems


We Stock a variety of tank sizes

On Hand are Pumps from 2 inch electric and gas to 6 inch diesel powered