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.A Brief History:

Bob Miller Sr. began hauling water for seismic and drilling operations out of Sundre, Alberta between 1948 and 1949.  When Oil was found in Alberta Bob saw the need for hauling more than just water and in the 1950's he began hauling all types of fluids. In and around 1963 the Millers moved their base of operations to Eckville, Alberta and began the transformation into servicing the growing oil and gas industry. Bob and Ruby have three fine children all of whom grew up exposed to the day to day operations of the trucking industry. In 1967 Bob Miller Trucking once again moved relocating their operations to Airdrie, Alberta where they are located yet today. Although Bob Sr. has retired from the day to day trucking business he continues to work diligently building trucks.  His new love is in the restoration of older IHC pickups which can be viewed at the Pioneer Acres Museum,  Irricana Alberta.

Ron Miller now owns and operates Bob Miller Trucking (2001) Ltd, his knowledge of the industry and personable nature make (Captain) Ron a pleasure to work for and to do business with.